J8 DamQT Interview

J8 DamQT Interview Pada minggu ni, DamQT pulak yang kongsi cerita dia. Siapalah yang selalu lambat masuk training? Jom kita tengok video untuk dapat tahu siapakah tu. #J8FTW #EsportsMalaysia #PUBGMobile #PUBGM

J8 Paper Roll Challenge – Part 1

J8 Paper Roll Challenge – Part 1 Hello #J8Fam ! Today the boys will be playing the paper roll challenge and get into some craziness! #J8Esports #J8FTW

J8 Boyka Interview 2021

J8 Boyka Interview 2021 Coach Boyka has a lot to say about his 2020 and we are glad to have him represent J8 Esports as our first ever pro team.  Watch the video to see what are his plans for 2021. #J8Esports #J8FTW #EsportsMalaysia

Whisper Challenge Part 1

Whisper Challenge Part 1 Hello #J8Fam, Our boys today will be having themselves a whisper challenge! Loser gets a punishment, who do you think will have this punishment? #J8Esports #J8FTW #PUBGM