Malaysia’s Ministry of Youth and Sports Announces Esports Intergrated Initiative (ESI)

In a closed-event exclusive to those in the esports industry, Malaysia announced the launch of a new esports plan by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) dubbed Esports Integrated (ESI). The initiative by Impact Integrated aims to “build a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive esports ecosystem” in the country.

Conducted primarily in Bahasa Malaysia, there were introductionary speeches by the Secretary General and the Minister of Youth and Sports before the CEO of Impact Integrated, Ahmed Faris went into further detail of the initiative that will catalyze the growth of esports in Malaysia.

ESI also unveiled its adopted strategies in the initiative which involve:

-Building an ecosystem that is vibrant, sustainable and inclusive for the esports community

-Prioritizing sustainability by providing room for organic growth

-Creating structures to govern and manage the ecosystem

-Expanding access to break down barriers and create more opportunities


To attain execute the strategies, ESI will focus on the following focus points:


-Developing an esports platform that is touted to be a fully online tournament engine with player database

-Establishing Malaysia’s very own flagship tournaments via an esports circuit which includes Malaysia Esports League culminating in the Malaysia Esports Championship

-Hosting annual conference and summit series for industry leaders slated for late 2020

-Advocating for an effective regulatory framework that will offer better protection and rights to players and effectively protect minors within the industry

-Providing capacity building programmes to stimulate the local economy via esports

-Creating an Esports hub (current location is in Puchong) which will be a tournament and event venue for esports while also serving as a training ground, networking area and the main hub for ESI’s professional development programme.

ESI’s roadmap was also announced with 4 phases to be executed over a span of “the next couple of years”. Starting with its development of its Platform and official circuit, it then will focus on the development of its esports hub that will provide its launching point for local expansion outside of major cities before finally expanding regionally with a focus on its esports conference and tournament platform.