There are new and exciting updates coming to PUBG Mobile! PUBG Mobile has made an announcement on 24th August through their livestream on PUBG Mobile’s Facebook and YouTube Channel. The announcements can be divided into two sections; PUBG Mobile version 1.0 and PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

With the arrival of Version 1.0, major changes are in order to enhance player’s experience. Dubbed “Beyond A.C.E”, the developer revealed changes to graphics such as character improvements, upgraded in-game graphics and environments.

Also announced were changes to quality of life attributes such as a revamped user interface, a new interactive lobby and improved system animations.

It is rumoured that the mysterious surprise mentioned is the anticipated Erangel Map 2.0.


The stream also revealed their largest PUBG Mobile esports event. James Yang, the director of PUBG Mobile global esports at Tencent mentioned they have decided to merge World League (PMWL) and their World Championship into one large event, which named as PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero!


The PUBG Mobile Global Championship will be the biggest global esports event featuring an incredible prize pool of $2 million USD! The top pro teams from all the regions including North America, Southeast Asia and China (from Game of Peace teams) will be invited to join the league. Season Zero is scheduled to run in late November 2020.

Furthermore, the director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports also revealed the insight and stats from the previous PUBG Mobile League. During the PUBG Mobile Pro League, a total of over 28M+ hours have been watched. While, in PUBG Mobile World League, it received a total of 40M hours watched and also 1.1M peak concurrent viewers. It’s an unbeatable viewership amount, breaking the records for the PUBG Mobile Esports scene!

While waiting for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero, you can catch the PUBG Mobile MY/SG Season 2 which is happening now until 27th September. All the professional Malaysian teams include J8 Esports and Singaporean teams will be participating in this tournament.



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